Best UK Wedding Photographers

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Probably the most important photos taken of the two of you as a couple, you want to have the best wedding photographs to mark the occasion. Here we list 10 of the best UK wedding photographers talking about their own work so you can look at their websites and decide which of these award-winning wedding photographers is best for you.

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Kevin Mullins

My wedding photographs aim to be snapshots of genuinely tender moments in time. I use small cameras and just natural light which means that the client can completely forget about me. I don’t want the wedding day to look like a fashion shoot, what’s important to me is that the photographs can be looked at far into the future for the expression of unstructured moments with people as they truly are. My role is an observer, I'm not at a wedding to make memories, I'm there to capture them.

Alan Hutchison Photography

Alan Hutchison and Morag Hutchison are a husband and wife team with a portrait studio in Stirling, Scotland. The couple have won countless awards for their work. We’re a little different in that we roll documentary, traditional and contemporary style all into one. Our real focus is our couple shots, where we really aim for a picture the happy couple will be delighted to hang proudly at home.

Jeff and Sarah Ascough

Offering world class, unobtrusive wedding photography and the very best customer service over two decades, this multi-award winning couple has earned international acclaim from a broad range of famous names. Travelling the world to cover more than 1500 weddings to date, Jeff and Sarah cover every wedding together with Jeff's images bringing together geometry and rhythm, light and composition whereas Sarah's fascination with people is reflected in her multi-layered compositions which often contain humour and juxtaposition.


Neale James

With a background in broadcasting I can stay calm in times of high energy and focus, like weddings. I fully understand the importance of family portraits and like getting results to create a great legacy. I usually use a photojournalist style to document your day, which means I don’t orchestrate or change the truth of the day. My unique selling point is that I create photo-films that include sound from the day to go with the stills.

Ross Harvey

Twice winner of the Best Wedding Photographer in England and still the top UK Fearless Photographer, Ross offers couples a genuine, heartfelt story of their wedding day and does this creatively and beautifully. Ross says, the awards acknowledge my constant drive to achieve, refine and develop. At every wedding I treat couples and guests as old friends, and do my very best to showcase their weddings through an artistic and honest vision.

Allister Freeman

A professional photographer for well over a decade, I’ve shot hundreds of weddings of all faiths and cultures at home and abroad. My style is a highly distinct form of honest and authentic coverage. I like to combine good composition with observation and storytelling.

Jamie Bott

A full-time professional wedding photographer since 2007, I have won Select’s Wedding Photographer of the Year and Best Wedding Image of the Year in the same year and in 2014 I was ranked as Fearless Photographers’ Best UK Wedding Photographer and Best English Wedding Photographer for 18 months. My style is to creatively document a wedding, turning my clients most cherished memories into unique timeless photographic artworks that are both dynamic and visually interesting and that will be treasured always.

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Elton Mogg

My first career was in TV & Video Production and I believe this background in storytelling has helped me develop my own unique style of wedding photography. I have attended weddings across Europe and the UK and won various International Wedding Photography awards. I love spending capturing a unique day and then providing my clients with a beautiful way to access those memories again.

Weddings Vintage: Harriet & Hayley

Named a global 'Rising Star of Wedding Photography' Harriet and Hayley at Weddings Vintage is one of the pioneers in modern vintage wedding photography providing cinematic photography in a natural, relaxed style, capturing the day as a unique documentary. We see each wedding day as a new adventure, with a story to be told without clichés. Our soulful photography celebrates your identity and personality, your love and that of your family and friends.

Yvonne Lishman

Voted one of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World and one of the UK’s Top Ten Quirky and Creative Wedding Photographers, all for doing a job I love. I like to be creative and spontaneous and have fun. What's going on is what's real, and how it was. Couples who book me say they love the laid back, fun and unusual way I see things.

Great Gifts for Photographers

Gifts for photographers

Photography can be an expensive hobby when you factor in the lenses, computer software, lighting kits and an upgraded camera doesn’t come cheap either. Knowing the specific item to get for your photographer when thinking of ideas for gifts is not simple. There are so many accessories available, but it’s easy to make a mistake and find out your gifts are not compatible with their equipment. You can of course ask precisely what it is they would like as gifts, but if you would prefer an element of surprise we’ve listed some practical ideas that we believe any photographer will enjoy, as they let them display their artistic passion in creative ways.

Photo scanner

Before digital cameras, thousands of people managed to take a lot of photos. Now it is possible to scan old 35mm slide and film and create digital versions with high resolution for clear pictures. Photo scanners will digitise all film and also all prints. Most scanners provide photo-friendly features, such as high resolution and the ability to scan transparencies such as slides and negatives in addition to photo prints. Some scanners also include software to help retouch and remove scratches. Though geared to photo scanning, most photo scanners can also be used for general-purpose scanning, and some include optical character recognition software. This is one of the best gifts for older people who can introduce the younger generation to pictures from their younger days.

Smartphone Film Photo Scanner

A simpler version of a scanner that does not cost so much, but still allows the sharing of film negatives with friends and family, is a smartphone film photo scanner. All you need to do is insert the film into the scanner, turn on the device’s back-light and start snapping photos of the negative with the smartphone’s camera. This device also comes with a free app that allows you to edit images before uploading them to social media.

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